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Hand of friendship from the UK

Can anyone make suggestions as to how we can link the US and UK Zmail

We have a Zmail community here in the UK (Great Britain).

I enjoy the services of a Lisp department at the UK public telephone
company who pickup SLUG mail from Riverside and forward it to me. In
reading this you receive confirmation that they also forward mail from
me to Riverside.

The Zmail server for the UK is called Porter at site ASL.  Porter is a
non-funded facility and is run as a deferred mailer: mail is queued for
users group members to pick up by probing in at their own expense.

It will take a long time to pursuade most UK Symbolics users to connect
and participate with Zmail. However as I see interesting debate and
shareware floating by on SLUG in the distance, I realise that UK people
will be much more attracted if they expect to be able to commune with
the US Lisp community.

How do I go about getting a bidirectional zmail link setup between
myself and the US? Private (from personal pocket money) funding of
direct dial from Porter is a non starter.

Any constructive suggestions would be very gratefully received,
especially if expressed in terms that do not presuppose a full
understanding of the political, commercial or technical labyrinth which
is Internet/Zmail/dialnet/Symbolics/...

Peter Paine