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slug-90 announcment (1 of 3)

    Date: Thu, 19 Apr 90 10:56 EDT
    From: jka@vega.crd.ge.com (Jim Aragones)

    The final announcement for SLUG-90 is being mailed out now.  However, if
    you can't wait to send us your money, I'm posting the formatted and
    pseudo-Scribe versions to SLUG (and no, you can't EMAIL or FAX us your
    check!).  The schedule was done on a Mac, so you'll have to wait for
    it in hardcopy form.

The announcement didn't say what the cutoff date for early registration

I probably asked this last year, but I've forgotten the answer.  Does
early/late registration refer to when you send your money or when you
send in the pre-registration form (which I faxed to Shelanski several
weeks ago)?