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Ensuring modifiable references within a backquoted template

I want to initialize multiple variables with a complex list
structure template.  The template is mostly constant but has a few
modifiable references.  These latter may start out as a constant
value such as NIL but will be changed later (e.g., via PUSH) on a
variable-by-variable basis.  The question is how to *ensure* the
proper modifiability, especially in a portable manner.  If I
simply quote or backquote the template - e.g.,

	'(A (B NIL))


	`(A (B NIL))

every variable then refers to the same identical template, which
is not what I want.  Even "evaluating" (via a comma) the constant

	`(A (B ,NIL))

always yields the identical list structure.  On the other hand,
applying the comma to a function call such as


indeed results in multiple, safely modifiable list structures.
Can I depend on this behavior portably, or could a Common Lisp
implementation thwart my intent by "intelligently"
constant-folding (IDENTITY NIL) into NIL anyway?  If I were to
locally declare IDENTITY to be NOTINLINE, would I then be "safe"
(though slightly slower)?

I know, of course, that I can use nested LISTs, instead of the
backquote, to obtain the desired effect; but for sufficiently
complex list structure, that alternative is markedly inferior to
the backquote notation.

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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