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handling a keyboard interrupt

   Date: Mon, 23 Apr 90 14:39:46 PDT
   From: kosma%flow@STC.LOCKHEED.COM (Monty Kosma)

      Date: Mon, 23 Apr 90 15:59 EDT
      From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>

      This makes ^C in Lucid equivalent to C-Abort in Genera.  However, you'll
      still have to set up handlers for it.

   this is a good idea; this will make most of the code as "CL" as possible...

Actually, it goes the other way, making Lucid as Symbolics-like as

It has been pointed out to me that ABORT already has a meaning in the
proposed Common Lisp Condition System, which is very similar to the Lucid
Condition System, and it is a different mechanism than the one in Genera.
Also, in Genera you can run into trouble if you set up unusual handlers for
SYS:ABORT and they don't obey all the internal protocols.

I want to reiterate my other suggestion of creating another asynchronous
character specifically for requesting a checkpoint.  In Genera this is done
with the :ADD-ASYNCHRONOUS-CHARACTER message to a stream; in Lucid this can
be done by using the foreign function interface to call stty() to bind a
key to a Unix signal, and then using LUCID::SETUP-INTERRUPT-HANDLER to
associate a function with that signal.