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1Re: Symbolics X Server?0

    Date: Wed, 25 Apr 90 16:39 EDT
    From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

	Date: Wed, 25 Apr 90 15:58 EDT
	From: Brad Miller <miller@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU>

	    Date: Wed, 25 Apr 90 13:29:36 EDT
	    From: barmar@Think.COM

	    They have an X11R3 server for Genera 8.0; it's not as
	    buggy, and it's only very (but not extremely) slow.  Both are included as
	    part of Symbolics's X Window System layered product, the main bulk of which
	    is their X Remote Screen facility, which allows Lispms to put a virtual
	    console up on an X server.

	One could hope it would be X11R4 compatible by the time they ship 8.0; we've
	been running R4 for a while already!

    I think Genera 8.0 went into beta test in December, but X11R4 wasn't
    released until January.  And Genera is different enough from BSD Unix
    that it's not an easy port.  8.0 has probably been frozen since early
    March, so they would have had to port, alpha test, and beta test their
    X11R4 implementation in two months.  Genera may be a wonderful
    development environment, but it can't do miracles.


Actually, Genera 8.0 went into beta test in early November, and ended at
the end of January. We decided it was too risky to change the X Server
for 8.0 release, given that we froze Genera and the layered products in
early March. We are working on getting X11R4 ready for the ECO in July.