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SLUG 90 sessions ... lots of participation, but more is needed

Greetings from SLUG central:

There is roughly only a month until the SLUG conference. I have the
following chairpersons signed up and working like fury to put together
some great techinical sessions for SLUG '90:

	Concordia Case Studies: 
		Rick Munoz (munoz@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com)
	Databases: Integrating and Using from lisp/Genera: 
		Leslie Walko (attila@flach.bellcore.com)
	Debugging Techniques of Sophisticated Users:
		Brad Miller (miller@cs.rochester.edu)
	Research Techniques: How to find the right function (doc. & beyond)
		Trev (trev@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com)
	CLIM and DW: Experiences and Comments
		Bob Laddaga (laddaga@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com)
	State of Lisp:
		Barry Margolin (barmar@think.com)
	Future of Genera:
		Brad Miller (miller@cs.rochester.edu)
	Using Genera to Develop Portable Applications: Successes and Advice
		William Gooch (512)346-3868

The following sessions have no confirmed chairperson:

	Delivering Applications: Tips from Consultants and Issues from
	Site Maintenance Strategies, Tools, and Configurations
	Communications and Integration for Delivering Multi-System
	Extending Genera: the right way to add extensions to Genera

Each session MUST have a chair. The chair should be someone who is interested
in the area, but not necessarily an expert. The role of the chair is to (a)
get participants and (b) make sure that the presentations of the participants
are complimentary rather than redundant, and (c) to moderate discussion.
Except for (a) :-) this is not a highly skilled job - and I'll provide some
initial help with (a). 


If you are interested in any of the sessions, your participation is
encouraged. Get in touch with the chair of the session you are
interested in, OR if there is no chair, the only way this session will
be presented is if there is a chair, so provide the guiding hand and
sign up TODAY!