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UX400S tape problems

    Date: Tue, 15 May 90 09:35 EDT
    From: MUNOZ@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Richard Munoz)

	Date: Mon, 14 May 90 16:47 CDT
	From: dmitchell@backus.trc.amoco.com (Donald H. Mitchell)

	This message intended as a warning to potential users of the UX400S.

    The warning is not valid; see below.

	The UX400S cannot backup its lmfs partition to a tape drive on
	another Sun.  The UX400S cannot read carry tapes from another Sun.  I don't
	know if it can perform these operations if the tape drive is on the local Sun
	(the box that the UX is embedded in).

    Symbolics has a patch for both 7.4.3 and 8.0 that fixes problems with
    writing LMFS backup tapes on a UX400S system. Please contact Symbolics
    Software Support to find out how to get this patch. At this time all
    Symbolics tape formats (FEP-tape, LMFS backup (with the patch), Carry
    tape, and Statice Backup) are known to work in Genera 8.0 on a UX400S.
    If you run into a problem with any tape format, please send the
    technical details to Symbolics Software support so they can help you
    resolve the problem. 

	The UX400S CAN, however, write carry tapes, read and write distribution tapes,
	and read (?) and write FEP tapes using a tape drive on another Sun.

Your comments are odd because I've been working with Houman and Trev on this
problem for almost a week and they confess to knowing that there was a problem
and having no solutions.  Maybe you ought to talk with them and ensure I get
the corrections if they indeed exist.