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Displaying a tree in DW?

    Date: 18 May 90 10:48:37
    From: Bill_Park@quikmail.sri.com (Bill Park)

    Subject:  Displaying a tree in DW?                         10:46 AM    5/18/90
    A while back, someone claimed that Genera 7 (which was the most current at the
    time) had some "secret" function which could graphically display a complex tree
    structure in a dynamic window.  Is anyone familiar with this function?  If it
    exists, how does it work...?  Is the function in Genera 8.0?

    Bill Park (415)859-2233
    BS275, SRI International, 323 Ravenswood Ave, Menlo Park, CA  94025

Do you mean the (documented) function dw:format-graph-from-root, which DOCEX uses?