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Version 8.0

    Date: Fri, 18 May 90 11:02:42 -0700
    From: ssmith@ruffles.nrtc.northrop.com (Stephen P. Smith)

    I've just gotten my version 8 tapes, along with some
    of our supplemental software, including IP-TCP, COLOR,
    and FORTRAN.  However I haven't gotten NFS, XWINDOWS,
    and optional sources, all of which we have at our
    site for version 7.2.

    Has anybody else seen these missing tapes yet?  
    Should I rattle somebody at Symbolics about this,
    or are these tapes just going to be slow in getting

     --Steve (SSmith@NRTC.Northrop.COM)

Yep, we have gotten XWINDOWS, and optional sources.  The problem revolves
around how up to date you have gotten Symoblic's database.  I think its up to
your salesman to make sure that the Symbolic's database is correct.  They are
working from a list of software that's on maintenance, and then send it to the
addresses in their database.  In our case we got software for about 6 different
Lockheed locations, sent to 3 different Lockheed locations.  By calling around,
I was able to manage to find most of the stuff that was intended for this site.
I've talked to some of our Informations Serivices folks, and asked them to get
together with Symbolics to jointly update what Symbolics thinks it should send,
and to where, so that the next time they send updates, things go smoother.

eric  (buckman@alan.decnet.lockheed.com)