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Query: advantages of release 8.0

    Date: Tue, 22 May 90 08:56 EST
    From: Len%AIP1%TSD%atc.bendix.com@RELAY.CS.NET

    Now that SLUG people have had a few weeks to play with Genera 8.0, can someone
    summarize what its advantages are over 7.2?
If you use Symbolics NFS, it's much faster in 8.0 than 7.2.  Reading a
text file from an NFS server is about as fast as from an NFILE LMFS
server, and reading an 8-bits/byte binary file is a few times *faster*
than from the LMFS server.  The new NFS can also be used to store
defsystem files on a Unix server without losing the file version

Genera 8.0 has CLOS.  It will support CLIM when it comes out.

If you make use of remote login to Lispms, there are a number of
improvements there.  Asynchronous interrupt characters are supported,
you can have a who-line on the remote terminal, and there are some CP
commands that make it easier to use remote terminals (e.g. you can edit
small files in the input editor).

The window system supports remote screens fully, which means that X
Remote Screen can be used without all the problems it had in 7.2.