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CLOS Pronunciation

    Date: Tue, 5 Jun 90 14:36 CDT
    From: David Browne <DAVID@KBS2.TAMU.EDU>

    Hi --
    Can anyone tell me what the official pronunciation is for
    "CLOS"?  We here generally pronounce it as "close" as in
    "close but no cigar."  I have also heard it pronounced
    as "see loss," as if it were spelled "C-LOS". 

I've never heard "close", but "klahs" (i.e. "loss" with a "k"
sound prepended) is common.  Myself, I pronounce it "c-loss",
as do many others, although this offends one of the central
players in originating CLOS.  I, of course, mean no offense,
but I can't speak for others.

Personally, I think that "C" should ALWAYS be followed by (loss);
even adding "++" isn't enough...