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Problems using MacIvory as a server

A friend has a lone MacIvory on a network full of Suns and other
boxes.  He has TCP and is having no trouble accessing files on and
telnet-ing to the other machines, but is having no luck at all in
using the MacIvory as a server (such as for FTP file access).  When he
tries to connect using ftp or telnet from a Sun, the (user) process
just hangs.  Nothing at all seems to happen on the MacIvory side.

We have checked the obvious (to us):

	All services are enabled.

	The Host Namespace object for the MacIvory has the approriate
	services listed (FILE TCP TCP-FTP and friends).

	The Secure Subnets Site Attribute includes the relevant subnets.

Any advice on where to look?  

	David (morley@aaii.oz.au)