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Converting namespace to class B internet addr

Our site is converting from Class C to Class B Internet addresses, and I
am trying to determine from the documentation what has to be done in the
Symbolics namespace definition to accomodate the change.

One change that appears necessary is to define INTERNET-SUBNET-MASKS;
the documentation says that in order to use one byte for the subnet
(which we will be doing), we should define a user-property
on the network object as follows:


To me, this does not look like good syntax; the second quote mark closes
off the first one, and the rest of the line is ignored.  Possible
alternatives I have thought of are


Is any one of these correct?  Or is it done in still another way?

Also, there is an attribute of the network object called SUBNET; do I
have to define this?  The documentation is very fuzzy on what the field
is used for and what should go there.

Are there any other fields (other than host addresses) in any other
namespace object that have to be changed for a Class B subnet address?
Has anyone out there defined a Class B network for Symbolics, or
converted to one from Class C?

If it makes a difference, we are currently running Genera 7.2
and TCP 4.2 on Symbolics 36xx computers.

Thank you.

Paul Orgren  (orgren@rtc.reston.unisys.com)   Phone: 703 620-7926
Unisys Reston Technology Center