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Re: problem with ux400

    Date: Fri, 29 Jun 90 10:00 EDT
    From: davel@whutt.att.com
I forgot to respond to this point of your message in my earlier reply.

    To resolve the issue of overloading uninterested readers, what say we
    standardize the subject line, so all bug reports contain a uniform keyword
    (I suggest "BUG," of course).  If you're not interested, you can delete
    all messages containing "BUG" in the subject line without reading (perhaps
    an investment of 2 seconds), although no doubt somebody could write
    a Zmail hack to do it automatically.

I'm afraid this wouldn't be an adaquate solution.  I couldn't
deal with the disk space involved.  (I don't always read my mail
every day).  I doubt Symbolics could deal with the volume of
mail over dialnet, either.

Also, a minor point:  I used to have Zmail tools like you describe.
However, I would never use the particular hammer you describe, for
fear of losing important mail which happened to "look" like the
filter you describe.  If you try anything like this, you'll need to
make it a lot more resistant to deleting of the wrong mail.