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Gripe about new FSEDIT Command Set in Rel 8.0

    Date: Fri, 6 Jul 1990 20:06:33 EDT
    From: DUMOULIN@TITAN.KSC.NASA.GOV (Jim Dumoulin)

      I'd be interested if any other sites have problems with the new FSEDIT
      command set like we are experiencing.  Under Genera 8.0, MOUSE-MIDDLE
      in the File System Editor was redefined from "Close Directory" to
      "Delete File".  (I know this can be turned off by SETQing the variable
      TV"*USER-NEW-FSEDIT-COMMAND-SET* to NIL and we finally resorted to doing
      just that).  Under the new comand set, it VERY easy for a novice user to 
      "ACCIDENTLY" delete a file.  If this file happens to be located on a 
      "non-symbolics" machine, the delete operation may not be undoable and the 
      file is lost for good.


      Having this type of operation Enabled or Disabled by different users (via setting
      a variable in their init-file) is very dangerous.  [...]

I agree that your gripe is legitimate but, as you point out, there are
benefits to both the original behavior and the new behavior (I, myself,
like the new behavior much better).  In case it's useful, here's a
suggestion that would at least solve the issue of inconsistencies in the
behavior across your local site.

What I would be inclined to do to solve your problem it to make it a
site-wide policy that the old behavior be universally used on all
machines.  You can enforce this policy if you have control over the base
(site configured) worlds that are built and distributed by making sure
that TV"*USER-NEW-FSEDIT-COMMAND-SET* is set to NIL in all of these

Of course, if everyone there just builds worlds independently then this
plan won't work.  At our site, we find it very convenient to centralize
the base world building task when there's a new Genera release, for
example.  In fact, we have a simple world building "script" (see the
section "Creating a World-Build Script File") for just such a purpose
and I would simply add the form to SETQ the variable in there.