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Re: Poor Sun timings, as competition...

Not to pick a fight, but just to comment, consider:

>Even with those bugs, Suns are still significantly faster than 36xx
>systems.  We can build our software (loading about 1000 files and saving
>the world to disk) on a time-shared Sun 4/330 in about 45 minutes, while
>it takes at least two hours on a 3640.  Sun's NFS client software is
>about an order of magnitude faster than Symbolics's.
>                                                barmar
Our last quote from Sun for a 4/330 is roughly the same as our quote from 
Symbolics for an XL-1200, so comparing a 330 and a 3640 (or even a 3620
at half the price) does not mean anything.  

The orignial discussion of the virtual memory bugs was regarding
the SparcStations (I, I+), which, at least locally, are configured to never
contain more than 16MBy actual memory to eliminate such problems.  Of course,
Sun tries to sell you all kinds of memory when you buy a SparcStation.  At least
these current problems are recognized as bugs, unlike some memory size 
problems on the Sun3s.

	Keith Price