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Lispm in the Sangre de Cristos

    Date: Tue, 14 Aug 90 15:35 PDT
    From: weaver@russian.spa.symbolics.com (Eric Weaver)

	Date: Tue, 14 Aug 90 15:41 MDT
	From: paul@PERSEPHONE.aegean-sea.dialnet.symbolics.com (Paul Cross)

	You probably...

    Gee whiz, wish *I* could get  away with this kind of message...

    Were you not aware that this sort of direct advertising is proscribed?

Actually, I don't know if it is, in fact, prohibited, anymore.
This isn't the dARPAnet anymore.  Note all the hosts ending in ".COM";
they're commercial companies, who pay the costs of their pieces of the
network.  Various pieces of the Internet are semi-commercially operated,
and there's even the potential for competition!

I don't know what the rules are anymore, but I wouldn't automatically
assume they're the same as they used to be.