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nntp reader for the symbolics

In article  <26287@bellcore.bellcore.com>  DUMOULIN@TITAN.KSC.NASA.GOV (Jim Dumoulin) writes:

> There was an NNTP News Reader for the Symbolics on the Slug Library (Tape
> number 7) during Slug-90.  It was written by Peter Clitherow from Bellcore
> and runs under Rel 7.2 (or later) according to the docs.  It requires
> Symbolics TCP/IP.  At SLUG I remember someone saying "It works but I'm
> planning to make some more enhancements when I get back from SLUG, so

It exists as


flash supports anonymous login.  that version is quite stable, but the
new version, which i am preparing even as i type this (it's sending this
message) is somewhat more featurefull and robust in the face of errors.
it will materialise as news-3-0-distribution.reel when it's been tested
more.  If you want to test it anyway, let me know.