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MacIvory Screen, refresh, problems

(I am also waiting for software support to respond to this.)

We have a MacIvory in a MacIIx with a Radius monitor and recently 
we have had a few serious problems with the screen.  Below are
descriptions of the scenarios & problems.

1) Genera has just been booted.  Switch to the Mac Finder. Switch back
to Genera.  The Genera screen is completely white.  Only the Mac menu
bar at the top of the screen is as it should be.

Function Refresh brings the Genera windows back to life.

However, this is a serious problem, since it happens between
any Mac application and Genera. The machine has been rebooted several
times today, and the problem persists.

2) Genera has just been booted.  A user logs in and while the
lispm-init.lisp file is loading the mouse and keyboard hang
and the message at the bottom of the screen is: Screen Controller Lock.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might be causing either of the
above?  Is there an elegant way to get out of the Screen Controller
Lock error?

Your help is appreciated.


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