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Condition handling

    Date: 28 Sep 90 10:43:00 MDT
    From: alames@sandia.gov (2814 AMES, ARLO L.)

    I need a bit of help with condition handling.  I have a routine that
    occasionally divides by zero, getting a CLI::SIGNAL-DOUBLE-FLOAT-TRAP.
    The <RESUME> response, returning infinity, is appropriate here.  Such
    division happens OFTEN, and I'd like to use something like CONDITION-BIND
    and SYS:PROCEED to simply take the resume response.  Any examples of how
    to do it?

    Arlo Ames

The following code is what I use for divide by zero handling.

;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Base: 10. -*-

(defun handler (self)
  (send self :proceed :my-action))

(defmethod (sys:float-divide-by-zero :case :proceed :my-action) (&optional (x +1e))
  "This is my proceed type."
  (values :new-value x))

(defmethod (sys:divide-by-zero :case :proceed :my-action) (&optional (x +1e))
  "This is my proceed type."
  (if (zerop (car dbg:operands))
      (setq x 0))
  (values :return-values (list x)))

(defmethod (sys:float-divide-zero-by-zero :case :proceed :my-action) (&optional (x 0))
  "This is my proceed type."
  (values :new-value x))

(condition-bind ((sys:divide-by-zero 'handler))
  (// 0.0 0))

Don Kaiser