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Disk drives for MacIvory

Has anyone attempted setting up a MacIvory with a hard disk smaller than
300 MB? We may have to tote some boards and disks overseas for demos and
would like to get the size down. Back of the envelope calculations
suggest 200MB as a possibility when using a Delivery world and at least the
minimum 2x amount of space for paging. We won't have a LMFS and the
machine will be standalone. 
There is the matter of compatability/reliability too. Symbolics has a
list of disks and drivers that have proven to work, some ship better
than others etc. We'll probably try smaller versions of "approved" units
but the wider our pool of successful candidates the better, since we may
have sites in Australia etc. renting disks which we then re-format with
our data.

 - Jeff

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