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UX Installation Woes

    Date: Wed, 3 Oct 90 10:46 PDT
    From: sfulton@nasamail.nasa.gov (STEVEN L. FULTON)

    Has anyone successfully installed a UX400 board on a 
    Sun 4/370 running Sun OS 4.1 with OpenWindows?

    The error which I haven't been able to resolve occurs when I run
    ivory-servicesd.  The Sun replies:

      udp_agent_open: Address already in use.

    The UX board has been assigned a unique IP address, I run ivory-life 
    and ivory-servicesd while logged in as root, and the hardware checks
    don't detect any errors on the UX board itself. 

    I'm still able to call genera, display a fep window, and run the default
    hello.boot file, but upon booting, the fep window disappears into an icon.
    The boot.boot file contains three lines:

      Clear Machine
      Load World

    Nothing unusual occurs when I manually step through the first two commands
    to load Network-from-Genera-8-0, but entering the Start command causes the
    window to iconify.  After about a minute, the icon stops showing activity
    and a message appears on the window where I invoked genera, saying 

    >> Attempt to get data from broken TCP connection to DIS-EMB-HOST 6000 (:X-WINDOW-SYSTEM), local port 1025.
    Unable to start console.

    Software support hasn't been much help - they think that I'm 
    having trouble because the UX is being installed on 4.1 and that most
    users installed the board prior to 4.1 and didn't have problems when
    they upgraded to 4.1  So far, they haven't given me any solutions.

To ask the obvious question: are you using the UX400S Unix Software for SunOS 4.1?
This tape shipped with Genera 8.0.1 (the ECO).  I successfully used this tape to install 
(not upgrade) in a different Sun model after the original installer wedged using the 
Genera 8.0 Unix Software tape (which supports SunOS 4.0).  The 4.1 installation went very 
smoothly for me, taking about 2 hours, soup to nuts.

Have you enabled Open Windows (via newhost)?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Steve Fulton
    Boeing Aerospace Operations
    Kennedy Space Center