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How to use postscript printer over e-net?

    Date: Thu, 4 Oct 90 08:23:32 MDT
    From: drstrip@cs.sandia.gov (David R Strip [1411])

    I have a postscript printer which sits directly on the ethernet
    to which this lispm host is attached. Is there some way to make
    the lispm treat this printer as an lpg-2 or some such 
    appropriate animal?

The Lispm print spooler only knows how to talk to printers over serial
lines.  If you have documentation of the protocol, and it's based on
TCP/IP, it might not be too hard to modify the print spooler to use a
network connection.  One problem, though, is that the Genera print
spooler probably assumes it can open the stream to the printer once when
it starts up and then use that stream for all jobs; a printer on the
network, however, might require the connection to be closed after each
job (this is how Appletalk LaserWriters implement mutual exclusion among
clients -- they only allow one client to have an open connection at a
time, and the connection rejection message to the rest indicates which
client is currently using it and the status of the job being processed).