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Dear Connie

I have at long last gained access to a Connie board and s/w.

For those of you that don't remember, this is the PC386 coprocessor
board that goes in the large L bus slots of the L and G machines, it has
a 386 to run DOS and the virus. It provides intimate access between
Genera, the 386, Lispm host disks and bus etc together with several
software systems that facilitate its integration and extend the
development environment.

It was demanded by the complaining masses, who take for granted the Lisp
Machines they have (as the city councilors would in a town called
Hamlin), but sadly did not buy it (and so apparently killed it, or is it

I am looking (regardless of the unfashionable appearances) to explore
the system and integrate it's power as an extension to the full blooded
Genera environment with CLIM and the future.

I am seeking to make contact with anyone out there who has Connie too,
or anyone had any experience of the system?

<= p2
Please Reply-to: Connie@Porter.ASL.dialnet.symbolics.com