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File System Operations

    Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 9:53:59 GMT
    From: bwild%fzi.uka.de@RELAY.CS.NET (Bernd Wild)

    I am directing this request to SLUG because the German
    Software Support of Symbolics has no idea about the
    when I right-click in FS Edit on a pathname and select
    "Renaming", "Create Inferior Directory" or anything else
    where a keyboard input line is requested, the FS Edit runs
    into an error 
     Error: Zero line editor windows do not work
     (Flavor:method :set-edges tv:essential-set-edges)

    and so on.
    I am running 8.0.1 on an UX400S. Any ideas ?

The error message means that the buffer pane of the window wasn't large
enough to hold even a single line of text.

Do you change the screen's default character style?

to see whether you've got one left over that's too small.