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MacIvory/HyperCard Problem

Hi there,

in our project we are working with MacIvorys, using the RPC
mechanism   between   HyperCard    and   the    LispMachine
extensively. Since we installed the new Beta-Version 2.0 of
HyperCard, we  have  had  a  big  problem.  The LispMachine
produces the error message "MacIvory improperly  installed!
RPC library code resource missing." after some  "CallIvory"
calls (the  number  of  "CallIvory"  calls without an error
message depends on  the size  of the  allocated memory). We
informed the Symbolics Software Support Germany about  this
problem.  After some time  they replied that  Symbolics USA
will have fixed the bug in Genera 8.1.  The bug is:   there
is  no  deallocation  of  the  module  table  in  the   RPC
mechanism.  We are not satisfied with this message, because
we need the fix NOW.

Is there  anybody  out  there  in  SLUG-land, who knows the
problem? If so, can you help us?


   Inke Bruening

Inke Bruening

German National Research Center for Computer Science (GMD)
	Schloss Birlinghoven, D-5205 St. Augustin, FRG

e-mail: bruening@gmdzi.uucp