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CD-ROM Questionnaire

We are polling readers of this mailing list to get a rough idea of
distribution media requirements for the release of Genera 8.1, scheduled
for the first half of 1991.

Beginning with this release, we plan on offering our customers the
alternative of receiving their Genera distribution on CD-ROM.  For those
unfamiliar with this medium, CD-ROM provides a convenient and compact
method for loading software distributions.

Additionally, due to the difference in production processes, customers
who opt for CD-ROM distribution will receive the release approximately
four weeks before customers who select tape distribution.

CD-ROM drives are available from a variety of sources, including
Symbolics, typically for well under $1000 (Symbolics plans to distribute
the Apple drive).  For customers with MacIvory or XL systems, the drive
can be plugged into a SCSI port on the system.  Alternatively, we expect
that customers with Sun systems, plus Sun's CD-ROM drive and Symbolics'
IP/TCP product, will also be able to access the CD-ROM distribution
through FTP.

		    *  *  *  *  *

Please help us out by answering the following questions:

 1. I prefer the following distribution medium (select one only):

	 a. Tapes	b. CD-ROM

 2. I plan on obtaining the Genera 8.1 update (true, false).

 3. My site has at least one XL or MacIvory system networked
    to the machines I will be installing Genera on (true, false).  

 4. I currently have network access to a CD-ROM drive at my site
    (true, false). 

Thanks in advance for your help.