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S-Geometry version 6.0.1

    Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 10:54 CST
    From: Loeffler@MCC.COM (David D. Loeffler)

    Well I finally got a chance to load the tape.  What a royal pain!

    They (the graphics division) sent an ECO tape with the distribution.  In
    there they say: If any of the following conditions are meet you should
    load the ECO tape - and one of the conditions was if you have a version
    of Color that is less than or equal to 416.31. Well we have version
    416.19 and have been having minor bugs with it so I thought "Great,
    maybe some of the bug fixes are on the tape!" WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  The
    .... in the graphics group make the ECO tape so it has patches from
    416.32 on - therefore I am missing patches 20 to 31.  Load Patches does
    not like that either.  And guess what, they have patches for a whole lot
    of systems that have the some problem - a gap from the "official" ECO #1
    tape.  Below is an abbreviated herald from my machine that has the
    standard Color system software loaded plus the "official" layered
    product ECO #1 tape. The comments to the right indicate if the patches
    released with the 6.0.1 color ECO tape are okay or are skewed.  Also,
    they just send an ECO tape and a world load. No distribution tape of the
    software!  You either get a world with all the s-productions or you get
    none.  (I think that is rather lame.)

Sorry, the installation instructions were not clear enough at that
point. In order to load this graphics ECO tape, you should
verify that you have installed Color 8.0.1. This is obviously not the
case. This would be your herald if you had done so:

Symbolics System, FEP0:>color-8-0-1.load.1
3650 Processor, 4096K words Physical memory, 20000K words Swapping space.
 Genera                                            8.0 XL
 System                                            425.85
 CLOS                                              406.27
 Development Utilities                             410.4
 Old TV                                            408.0
 Zwei                                              408.5
 Utilities                                         419.6
 Server Utilities                                  417.3
 Serial                                            409.12
 Hardcopy                                          420.5
 Zmail                                             417.1
 LMFS                                              418.0
 Tape                                              419.3
 Nsage                                             415.7
 Extended Help                                     416.0
 CL Developer                                      403.1
 Documentation Database                            420.1
 Essential Image Substrate                         407.2
 Image Substrate                                   415.1
 Logical Pathnames Translation Files
 Array Processor System Stubs for Graphics Support 6.0
 Graphics Library                                  8.3
 Color                                             416.31
 Experimental Graphics Support                     424.10
 Color Demo                                        416.4
 Images                                            424.18
 Color Editor                                      415.5
 Experimental SGD Genera Redefinitions             1
 Experimental SGD Genera 8.0 Redefinitions         1.13
 Genera Extensions                                 9.23
 Ivory Color Support                               7.6
 Color System Documentation                        2.1
 SGD Book Design                                   2.0
 The Color System, Release 7.0 Ivory               2.9
 Graphics Toolkit                                  16.31
 Colorize Tables                                   20.0
 Fourier Fractals                                  18.0
 Fast Fourier Transforms                           8.0
 S-Compositor                                      11.1
 S-Convert                                         9.1
 S-Convert                                         9.1
 S-Record                                          64.3
 Abekas A60 Support                                15.2
 S-Utilities Documentation                         3.4
 Experimental S-Product Installation Utilities     1.1

Our policy for color customers not getting all of the S-Products,
is to send the color 8.0.1 world and distribution tapes
for any products they have purchased.

However, we have MCC on record as being a graphics combo customer, which
means you are entitled to all of the S-Products.  We ship these as a
complete world, rather than having customers load many systems
from five distribution tapes: color, paint, dyna, render, geometry.  We
do this for a variety of reasons, first is that the majority (over 90%)
of customers that get these are artists and they have repeatedly told us
that they do not enjoy building worlds. Also, it takes up less space on
their machine, which is a big concern to most graphics customers. In
addition, it takes less time to install. Since, you are not a typical
graphics customer and have different needs, we might be able to work
something out for you.

    Somebody has got to whip those graphics people to shape!  I send a
    message to customer-services and they called back saying they were sorry
    both I would have to deal with the graphics folks directly. BTW: If you
    have to call the graphics division the toll-free number is

BTW: I'm glad to see you know the number. However, we have no record of you 
ever calling about this problem. We will be contacting you to straighten
this out. 

    [your herald deleted]