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white color mouse cursor

    Date: Thu, 13 Dec 90 14:09:53 EST
    From: jclose@potomac.ads.com (Jeff Close)

       Date: Fri, 7 Dec 90 08:32-0000
       From: Peter Paine <p2@porter.asl.dialnet.symbolics.com>

       (setq tv:*color-xor-blinker*
	     (make-instance 'color:general-sc-color-alu
		       :alu color:alu-xor
		       :plane-mask -1
		       :fill-data -1))

    Hmm.  Maybe my original message wasn't specific enough.. or I'm
    missing something.  I had played with this value and setting it
    does absolutely nothing to the mouse arrow on the color screen.
    I have a mono main-screen and an attached color monitor, and I want a
    white cursor on the black background of the color monitor.

I recently had to change the mouse alu, too, so I think I know the place you
have to change it.  (I needed to change the fill-data slot to -1 to make it
work with my color-map.  It's normally set to #2r101010101010101010101010101111
to get better contrast when using the standard color maps.)

Here's what I used:

(defun fixup-mouse-alu (&optional (screen (color:find-color-screen)))
  (tv:with-mouse-grabbed-on-sheet (screen)  ; put mouse on color screen temporarily 
    (tv:prepare-sheet (screen)		    ; lock window system and turn off blinker
      (setf (symbol-value-in-instance
	      (symbol-value-in-instance tv:mouse-blinker 'tv:blinker-alu)
	      'color:fill-data) -1))))

It may even work for you unmodified, if the color-map you're using has 0 =
white and the background is -1 = black.