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X terminals

You can also use Sun workstations running X.

We've had no difficulties with the Suns running X except for window
size.  Some terminals and consoles don't have enough resolution for
the document examiner or concordia to be easily used.  They're still
usable but don't show all the options and sometimes overwrite the menu
picks (concordia's icons at top right of console).

We've also been using an NCD 17c X terminal.  We have one major
complaint about this setup even though we're getting more of these:
the complaint is that the fonts keep changing from black to white.
They only do this on the genera windows and the genera windows only do
this on the X terminals (i.e., not on the Suns running the same window
manager).  You have to pick a background color that will allow either
color to be read.  The change seems coincidental with mouse clicks and
usually manifests itself the next time you scroll.  Symbolics and NCD
point their fingers at each other and the only explanations that
anyone has given us are completely bogus (NCD claims the Symbolics is
sending the ansi escape sequence to reverse the foreground color).

We found that you need 8MBytes memory in the NCD and you need to
completely clobber the Symbolics notification system.  Everytime the X
terminal backin-stores (asks the Symbolics to store information), the
Symbolics generates a notification.  If you don't have 8MBytes memory
in the NCD, this notification behavior brings the Symbolics to a halt
within minutes of starting the console ("over a hundred errors
received in less than 2 seconds" sort of thing).

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