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Re: C as Universal Standard (or anathema)

    Date: Fri, 18 Jan 91 23:17 CST
    From: gooch@TIJERAS.SW-SW.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM (William D. Gooch)

    In sum, I do not believe that C is in any way "more powerful than lisp"
    for any kind of application, and I think I would never prefer C over
    lisp based on programming or performance considerations.  The only "type
    of situation [that] *demands* C programming" over lisp, in my opinion,
    is one in which the programming staff knows C but doesn't know lisp, or
    in which management will not accept the use of lisp.

Or the situation where the lisp compiler is suboptimal, and one is running
on a Mac and needs to get a large number of simultanious programs loaded in
memory (minimum program size is about 1/2meg in lisp application generator,
while about 50k in C), this is esp. true with "realtime" applications...

I hate C but it does have it's place.... at least until the lisp technology
gets better.
 Brad Miller		U. Rochester Comp Sci Dept.
 miller@cs.rochester.edu {...allegra!rochester!miller}