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Symbolics system support?

I would also like to commend Symbolics on their recent changes in
Software Support, particular in the area of personnel.

Allan Wechsler was one of the original MIT Lisp Machine users, and is
one of Symbolics's longest-serving employees.  He probably has the most
knowledge about and understanding of the Lisp Machine architecture
outside the R&D groups.  He was one of the original documentation
writers, and later was one of the original teachers in Symbolics
Education (I took his course on optimization techniques, and it was
great).  While I don't think he has ever been a member of any of the R&D
groups, I feel certain that he had an influence in those areas, as a
result of dinner expeditions and "coffee machine design reviews" with
many of the developers.

Conversely, Symbolics is to be commended for a recent new hire in S/W
Support: Chris Stacy.  He is also a Lispm user from the early days at
the AI Lab.

I don't think I know any of the other S/W support people personally, but
if this is a general trend in this department I heartily support it.  If
I weren't so happy here, I'd apply for a job there.