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Re: get,getf

> Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 08:24 MST
> From: Paul Collier <paul%taos.intel.com@RELAY.CS.NET>
> While looking through some of the system code that performs backups, I
> came across the following:
> 	(dolist (elt (backup-dump-get-dir-list wildpath))
>     (if (dumper-prefilter elt)
> 	(if (get elt :directory)
> 	    (push (car elt) dirs)
> 	    (push elt files))))
> According to CLtL p. 164, and the Symbolics debugger, this shouldn't
> work.

I believe the program you are looking at is a Zetalisp program, since it
was written around 1981 and hasn't been rewritten since.  Zetalisp's GET
function is not the same as Common Lisp's GET function.