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Using UX-boards with SBus based machines?


I would like to use one or two UX1200 boards in place of
our old 3640s, but we currently have no VME-based SUN machine.
Nor is it likely that we will buy one due to strategic decisions
(we dont actually need such a large server) and financial limitations.
Now my questions:

(1) Has anyone (successfully?) tried to use a SBus SUN and a S-to-VME
adaptor together with the UX-boards? Are there any chances something 
like this could work? What would Symbolics hardware support say to such
a beast?

(2) If I try to remember, when Symbolics introduced the Ivory based
embedded system architecture, they proudly announced their independence
of a specific bus architecture. There would be "no problem" to adapt the
Ivory system to a specific "host system bus". Now, when will there be a
SBus Ivory card? Or am I sitting in a wrong movie - quite happy with my 
MacIvory and foreseeing a good market for such a UX-baby?

Any suggestions (including used 470's :-) welcome!!

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