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Re: Projectors for Symbolics consoles

In message entitled "Projectors for Symbolics consoles" on Apr  4, you write:
> (Sorry if the following question has been asked recently, I haven't been
> following the SLUG traffic closely lately.)
> What's the latest and greatest projector capable of handling Symbolics
> monochrome output?  We are currently using a Sony VPH-1270Q projector,
> which is not too bad, but we're wondering if there's anything out there
> with even better image clarity.

Hi Henry.

We use Barco projectors, which are nice (but expensive). The problem is that
the Symbolics monitors use phase-encoded video, which is hard to decode.
When we attached our monochrome monitors, we had to open up the back of
the monitor and grab the signal *after* it was decoded. My guess is that
you would have to do that for any projector you get. [Anyone know for
sure?] We just leave this connector permanently inside our monitor, even
when the projector is not being used.

Color is no problem, since the standard RGB connectors are used, as you
probably know.
					- Marty

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