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definition of "crispness" for projectors

I was sloppy when using "crisp" without definition:

  We bought a Hughes Light Valve monochrome projector (around $35K
  new, $20K refurbished). It was pretty crisp. Much better than the
  [various color projectors] I have seen pressed into service for

By "crisp" I mean cptfont (default font symbolics uses in zmacs) can be
read. How easily?  Well, it was readable ... and then definitions get
tricky and opinions will vary.  My rough rememberances:

	1. cptfont used for all demos; there were larger fonts on the screen,
	but much important information was in cptfont and the audience got it.

	2. the projector was about 35 ft from the screen, giving an 8 X 6 ft image

	3. people sitting at 20 feet from the screen could read cptfont

	4. people sitting 15 feet or closer could easily read it

	5. people being shy or hip and sitting in the back couldn't

Interested in better ways of describing readablity, and descriptions
of readability of the various projector systems.


PS Mabry, I assume the Lyon-Lamb Real Time Scan Coverter is $23.7K not $23.7 ?