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MacIvory Problem: Accessing the Floppy-Disk


I've a problem using the Mac-Toolbox on a MacIvory.
I want to access the mac-floppy-disk from genera, 
but don't want to get macintosh-errors like
'Please insert the disk xyz'.

I tried this:

(condition-case ()
	(open pathname :direction :probe)
		(mtb:mac-os-error-nsverr nil))

This returns nil and no Lisp-Error, but 'Please insert 
the disk xyz'.

Maybe, I have to use an other function for macintosh-

Then I tried

(mtb::do-mac-volumes (name refnum volparameter)

to find out, whether there is a floppy-disk or not. 
Unfortunately, it also lists the last floppy-disk
being used, even if I did eject it before.

Maybe, I can get some useful information from the
'volparameter' (Its an 64-array of numbers.) ? What
is the meaning of these numbers? Is it decribed in 
'Inside Macintosh' ?



Inke Bruening	
bruening@gmdzi.uucp 	or      bruening@gmdzi.dbp.de