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Email lists

  A couple weeks ago, I asked if anybody new of any good AI/LISP email lists.
  Thanks for your responses!  Below is the consolidated (and condensed) 
  list of responses that Joe Karnicky and myself have put together.  If you
  come upon any others (or have corrections to this one), please let Joe or
  myself know - we'll update this and post it from time to time.

  ... Rick

  rick@maxai.den.mmc.com  (Rick Duffy)
  jfk@BOLD-EAGLE.varian.dialnet.symbolics.com (Joe Karnicky)


  =	         		LISP/AI addresses                             =
  =				 Updated 4/11/91                              =

  common-lisp@mcc.com				Common Lisp
  common-lisp-object-system@mcc.com		CLOS
  cl-windows@mcc.com				Common Lisp Windows
  express-windows@atc.boeing.com		Express Windows
  commonloops.pa@xerox.com			PCL (Portable Common Loops)
  cl-windows@mcc.com				CL Window Systems
  clim@bbn.com					CLIM
  info-ti-explorer@sumex-aim.stanford.edu	TI Explorer Lisp Machine
  allegro-cl@berkeley.edu			Franz Allegro Common Lisp
  allegro-cl@franz.com				Franz Allegro Common Lisp
  cl-utilities@cs.cmu.edu			Common Lisp Utilities
  info-macl@cambridge.apple.com			MacIntosh Common Lisp
  bug-clx@expo.lcs.mit.edu			CLX (Common Lisp X Windows)     
  laws@ai.sri.com                               Ken Laws AI list
  ag-exp-l%ndsuvm1.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu	Expert Systems in Agriculture
  ai-chi <wiley!ai-chi@lll-lcc.arpa>		Human-Computer interface design
  ai-ed@sun.com					AI in Education
  alvey jws%ib.rl.ac.uk@nsfnet-relay.ac.uk	British AI
  cellular-automata@think.com			Cellular Automata list
  clp.x@xerox.com				Concurrent Logic Programming
  connectionists@cs.cmu.edu			Connectionism
  cvnet%yorkvm1.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu		Color and Vision research
  cybsys-l@bingvmb.bitnet			Cybernetics and Systems
  fineart%ecs.umass.edu@relay.cs.net		Computers in the Fine Arts
  fj-ai%etl.jp@relay.cs.net			Japanese AI
  fonetiks <r34334%uqam.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu>	Speech production and perception
  ga-list@aic.nrl.navy.mil <gref@aic.nrl.navy.mil> Genetic Algorithms
  irlist <fox@vtopus.cs.vt.edu>			Information Retrieval
  lantra-l%finhutc.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu	Natural language
  mod-ki%unido.irb@unido.bitnet			German AI
  neuron%csl.ti.com@relay.cs.net		Neural nets
  nl-kr@cs.rochester.edu			Natural Language/knowledge rep
  nnsc@nnsc.nsf.net				NSF calendar list
  prolog[-hackers]@sushi.stanford.edu		prolog and logic programming
  simulation@ufl.edu				Simulation 
  simulator-users@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU		Rochester Connectionist Simultr
  simulator-bugs@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU		Rochester Connectionist Simultr
  lseward@RAND-UNIX.ARPA			Symbolic math
  vision-list@ads.arpa				AI Vision research

  Most of these can most likely be contacted by sending mail to the above 
  address with -REQUEST inserted before the @ (e.g., for cl-windows@mcc.com
  send to cl-windows-request@mcc.com), or before the first "." (e.g.,
  commonloops.pa@xerox.com comes out commonloops-request.pa@xerox.com.)

  To subscribe to the BITNET forums, you can send mail there which contains
  "SUB forum your fullname" (no quotes) as the first and only line.  

  SLUG:  (All are @AI.SRI.COM)

  slug			Full list of SLUG recipients	Frequent Use
  slug-request          SLUG list change request	Used     
  slug-board-only	Board members only		Used
  slug-board		Board plus selected others	Used
  slug-membership	National Membership Librarian	Used
  slug-treasurer	National Treasurer		Used
  slug-librarian	Librarian, for SLUG tape	Used
  slug-liaison		To Symbolics: liaison to SLUG	Used?
  slug-liaison-international To Symbolics:		Used?
			international liaison
  slug-consulting	Symbolics based consulting	Unused
  slug-dial		Future Symbolics DIALnets
  slug-dialnet		SIG for DIALnet user		Unused
  slug-dialnet-registry	Registrar for SLUG Dialnet	Little used
  slug-sig-ai		SIG for AI Products		Unused
  slug-shared-maint	SIG on shared maintenance
  slug-chapters		International user group leaders Unused
  slug-president	President (or alternate)	Used
			Currently still goes to the old president
			as the new president doesn't have a mail address
  BARESLUG		San Francisco Bay Area SLUG
  SLUG-BUG						Unused
  SLUG-91						Unused


  comp.simulation				Simulation
  comp.theory.cell-automata			Cellular automata newgroup
  aicom mcvax!swivax!otten@uunet.uu.net		International Usenet AI news


  The validity of these addresses has not been verified - they were simply
  compiled from various sources.

  Please send updates to rick@maxai.den.mmc.com and/or 

  Below are the descriptions of various terms:
	TI - Texas Instruments
	CLOS - Common Lisp Object System
	CL - Common Lisp
	ANSI - American National Standards Institute
	PCL - Portable CommonLoops
	CLX - Common LISP X Interface
	CLIM - Common Lisp Interface Manager