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Maximum LMFS File Size

Thanks for the responses to my question about file sizes.

	Date: Thu, 18 Apr 91 16:04 ADT
	From: Douglas Dodds <Dodds@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
	I don't know what the theoretical limit (beyond the actual length
	estimate, that is) is, but I'm told it is large enough that you will
	always exceed the space available in the partition first.  In the same
	empirical test, except using an :ESTIMATED-LENGTH, I wrote 36MB to a
	36xx before running out of partition space.

One of the tests that I tried was to use the command processor's Append
to create a file of about 32 megs.  This worked fine, but when I went to
back the file up to tape, the dumper complained about it.  Unfortunately
I cannot repeat the test at the moment because of a broken hard disk and
I didn't write down the actual error messages.  Has anybody run into
similar problems ?

I was told that somebody has published a paper on the LMFS in one of the
ACM journals, but the person couldn't remember exactly which one.  Does
this ring a bell with anyone ?

Thanks, Steve