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UX1200 on NeXT

After 2.5 days of hacking around keyboard mapping tables I now reached
up to use my brand new NeXTstation as X console for a Sun Ivory. I use
the X-Window server product of PENCOM, which gives you a X root window
within a NeXTStep window. Works pretty nice except the emulation of the
middle mouse button which is missing on the NeXT. If anybody has an idea
how to remap "easily" the mouse button allocation on the Symbolics, please
contact me.
Nevertheless, the NeXT is wonderful for documentation as you simply
grab the part of your Genera window you want and paste it into your
text editor or DTP application. Moreover, you can copy the screen shot
to a Macintosh as it's written in TIFF format.
If anybody's interested in keyboard mappings for a NeXT and/or experiences
in handling Genera on a NeXT, you can e-mail me.

Bernd Wild.

P.S. When will Symbolics release the "MacIvory"-NuBUS board for the NeXT?

Bernd Wild                                                    bwild@fzi.uka.de
Forschungszentrum Informatik FZI
Dept. Technical Expert Systems and Robotics
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D - 7500 Karlsruhe 
GERMANY                                         Tel.: (+49 | 0) 721 / 6906-310