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RE: backing up Statice databases

	Date: Fri, 10 May 91 11:19 ADT
	Subject: backing up Statice databases

	When we upgraded from a 3650 to an XL last summer, we started using the
	Exabyte 2.3 gb tape drive; it uses a SCSI interface......

	You might ask Symbolics if these drives could be attached to a MacIvory,
	and whether the performance would be as good.

We've been using an Exabyte connected to a Macivory to dump the LMFSs on
our 36XXs and Macivorys for almost a year now.  It certainly saves a lot
of time and hassles.  One thing to watch out for is that you always
verify the backups.  I've had 2 or 3 unverified backups that I couldn't

Our file server (3670) has about 275 Megs of used LFMS.  It takes about
3 hours to do a complete dump and verify using RTAPE and an Exabyte.