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Apparent RPC problem

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	      Wed, 5 Jun 91 23:15:40 PDT
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    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 91 14:26:23 +0900
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    To: slug@ai.sri.com
    Subject: Apparent RPC problem

    RPC System version 415.0 when loaded with (load-system) on a NON-IVORY machine
    apparently leaves out at least the following essential files:
    ;(load "sys:embedding;rpc;utilities")  
    ;(load "sys:embedding;rpc;remote-call")  
    ;(load "sys:embedding;rpc;remote-type")  
    ;(load "sys:embedding;rpc;type-definitions")  
       These are required for define-remote-module and define-remote-entry.
    John Myers~~

We are doing some distributed work in which we use RPC between Lisp
machines.  "RPC" is spread across several systems, which include:


The functions to get transport agents are defined in the Network-RPC
system, which, by the way, only comes bundled with NFS!  Chris Stacy at
Symbolics told me that these components should be bundled together in a
single system in Genera 8.1.

James Lawton
Rome Laboratory
Griffiss AFB, NY   13441-5700

email: lawton@ra.radc.af.mil

Disclaimer:	The opinions and views expressed here are MINE!
		They may not reflect those of the Rome Laboratory,
		the US Air Force, or most anyone else.