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    It appears from the instructions for system installation that the file
    "SYS:SITE;SYS.TRANSLATIONS" should translate "SYS: **; *.*.*" into 
    "<some host>:>REL-<majo number>-<minor-number>>SYS>**>*.*.*" using
    It appears from the namespace description that the site object site
    directory attribute should give the translation for "SYS: SITE;", e.g.,
    "<some host>:>SITE>". It would also appear that this translation take
    precedence over the above. That is, if I copied a file to "SYS: SITE;
    FOO.SYSTEM" some time long after booting, it would end up in "<some
    Is that correct? Is that what one really wants? I can conceive of cases
    where I want a different .SYSTEM file for different Genera releases. 

The documentation for the "Site Directory" attribute states that the
attribute is

    A token that specifies the directory that holds the Symbolics computer
    system's site-specific files. This provides the translation for the
    logical pathname sys:site; .
    All other site-specific pathname translations are managed by logical
    pathname translations files.

Note the last statement. The bottom line is that the lispm has to have a
"home base" somewhere; the SYS:SITE directory is it by convention. If
you want to map to different directories for different releases, your
best bet is to define a logical host and then conditionalize it the same

John Krieger (s9274@srl1.lanl.gov)
Westinghouse Savannah River Company