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Need to use raw format logical file names for UNIX....

I've moved a system from a MacIvory to a UX400S that's running 8.0.1.
Everything's going fine, except that I use function fs:directory-list
in the program to look at files in a directory on the UNIX host.  The
function doesn't return a list of the things in the directory; instead
it returns an error saying that the directory I'm trying to get a list
of doesn't exist.  When I compare the pathname that it complains about
with the pathname I gave it, I notice that the returned one is partly
in uppercase.

I made the pathname by appending a string, the name of a directory,
onto a logical pathname from the translations file for the program.
The logical pathname translates to a literal, lowercase pathname, but
the directory I appended to it is all caps.  So, my logical pathname,
"working-files:data;" gets translated to "/usr/share/symbolics/data/"
but the string I've added to create a new logical pathname, "testing;"
gets uppercased by function fs:directory-list; I get back the message
"No such pathname: /usr/share/symbolics/data/TESTING/."

Well, the "working-files:data;" part translated all right; I had that
set up in my system.translations file.  But the "testing;" part got
translated to "interchange" format, according to a section in the
documentation, "Case in Pathnames."  The interchange format is all
caps.  I want the "raw" format for UNIX, though; that way all case in
my logical pathnames will be preserved.

Question: How can I switch from interchange format to raw format?  Is
there some rule I can put in the translations file that tells
functions like fs:directory-list not to uppercase an appended
directory name?  I've appended lots of these directory names to lots
of logical pathnames throughout the program.  Now if I can just get
the operating system to leave the case of pathname strings alone....

			Thanks in advance.
			Chris Williamson