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trouble with nfs to remotely mounted Unix file systems

    Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 14:23 EDT
    From: rshapiro@arris.com (Richard Shapiro)

    We're having some trouble getting the lispm to access files on a Unix
    file system. The directories in question are symbolic links to
    automounted, exported/foreign file systems. That is, the path I want
    to use is:


    which is a symbolic link to


    where /net/elsewhere is a foreign, exported file system (which lives
    on, say, host2) that's been automounted on host1.

    The lispm will not let me access this directory -- I get a protection
    error, though the directory is not protected (I can, for instance,
    access files with this path if I'm logged in to host1).

    What's going on here? Is this a lispm nfs client bug? Is something
    wrong with my site such that the lispm is not doing automounting when
    it should?

Can you access HOST2:/foo/bar/bazz from the Lispm?  If not, then the
problem isn't related to the Lispm automounter emulator.

Are you running Genera 8.0 or 8.1?  The automounter emulator was greatly
enhanced in 8.1, although it is available as a patch for 8.0.  However,
I think support for the "-hosts" automount option was in the original
8.0 emulator.

Do you have the NFS-AUTOMOUNT user properties set up properly in HOST1's
namespace entry?  The Lispm needs this information to emulate the
server's automounter.