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LMFS emergency!

    Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1991 09:39 EDT
    From: bart@nynexst.com (Bart Burns)

    The LMFS for our file server started wierding out and finally bit the dust.

    First i started getting messages like:

	       File damaged, check words do not match
		  Expected: 12526520651  1664   ...
		  Actual:        0        0    ... 0
	       Cannot read record #o74132 of partition 4

    All of these messages were from files in the same partition (fep1:>lmfs4.file.1),
    so i ran the salvager (over the entire lmfs so it had a chance to fix what it could), 
    but the salvager output (1,300 blocks worth) indicated to me that it wasn't able to do much.

    The next day I had to shut down all our machines because the AC went down.

    When I rebooted the file server (and tried to access lmfs) it
    replied with a LMFS-BAD-PARTITION-LABEL error 

		  Error: Bad label version on file partition fep0:>lmfs1.file.1

		  (from stack frame of LMFS:ensure-lmfs-up)

	    please note: a DIFFERENT partition (and a different disk drive) is gonzo here!

    1. What can I do (short of reinitializing LMFS with new partitions (losing the old ones)) and
       hoping my latest complete backup tape (Exabyte 1.5 gigabyte) will restore?

    2. Does this sound like a disk hardware failure?

It sounds like some kind of hardware problem.  The one curious thing,
though, is that after rebooting you got a complaint about a partition on
a different disk.  Perhaps the problem is with your I/O board.