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JPAL call

                      JPAL'91 CALL  

Japan Practical Applications of Lisp Forum and Exhibition '91

Date:   November 26-27 1991
Place:  The Forum at Hotel New Ohtani.
          (The Nearest subway station is Akasaka-Mitsuke.
           Located in the very central part of Tokyo.)
Sponsor: Japan Electronic Industries Development Association (JEIDA)
Supporting Committee in JEIDA:
 Jeida Intelligent Software Implementations Technology Committee
 (formerly known as Jeida Common Lisp Committee)

Organizing Committee:
 General Chairman : Prof. Masayuki Ida (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
 Forum papers and program chairs:
      Fumio Motoyoshi (ETL, MITI),
      Nobuyuki Saji (NEC)
 Exhibition Chair: 
      Noritoshi Rokujo (Fujitsu)
 Public Relations Chair: 
      Katuhiko Yuura (Hitachi)
      Sei Akihide (JEIDA)
      Suzuki Hiroshi (JEIDA)
      phone: +81 3 3433 1923
      Fax:   +81 3 3433 6350

Lisp, which was focused as a 'language for AI' during the AI boom in the
80's, is continuing to progress and is used as an advanced intelligent
software environment in various application fields, including advanced
hardware technology and networking.

Some of the most important software technologies of the 90's are
expected to grow out of development technologies which were/are
pioneered by the Lisp community, like powerful editors, incremental
programming, intelligent user interface, symbolic visualization, and
object oriented programming.

In recognition of the importance of Lisp to these successful emerging
technologies, JPAL'91 is organized as a forum for exhibiting the Lisp
state-of-the-arts from all over the world, for exchanging information
and ideas, for promoting Lisp, and for contributing to the computer
science related fields.

With this context, both a technical forum focused on the current state
of Lisp applications and an exhibition of user and vendor projects and
products are planned.

Admission to the exhibition is free.  A corner for user demonstrations
will be provided, while trade show-like booths are prepared for
commercial vendors.  Special talks (invited) from Europe and USA at the
technical forum are planned to present a global view.

Come and join the JPAL experience.

---- Information for Exhibitors ----

JPAL secretariat will provide help for commercial exhibitors in
preparing their booths.  The basic charge for one booth is 300,000 yen
(approx. US$2200) for 3.3mX3.3m, which will all include basic provisions
(eg power, lighting, and a common telephone connection).

---- Tentative Schedule ----

11/25 night:         Exhibitor's dinner
11/26 9:30am - 5pm : Exhibition.
      10am - 4:30pm : technical forum.
      6pm: banquet.
11/27 9:30am - 5pm : Exhibition.
      10am - 4:30pm : technical forum.

---- Oversea Contacts ----

European Contact: Al Roth, 
       P.O. Box 137
       FY2 0XY
       Tel: +44 253 58081
       Fax: +44 253 53811

USA Contact: Mark Son-Bell,
       114 Mt. Auburn St., 4th Floor
       Cambridge, MA 02138
       phone: +617/576-1151
       fax: +617/576-2806
       internet e-mail: mas-b@ila.com

---- List of Exhibitors ----

Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, CSK, OKI, Symbolics, IPA,
Line System, ... and several universities.
Exhibitors from Europe, USA are expected.

(10 to 15 exhibitors are expected.)

---- Technical Forum Schedule ----

11/26: Keynote talk  by Prof. Masayuki Ida
       Invited talk1 by Mr.Al Roth on the European status.
       Japanese language processing guideline draft
       other technical issues
11/27: Invited talk2 by Mr. Mark Son-Bell on the USA status.
       The comparison of CL window toolkits
       CL programing guideline
       other technical issues

The above schedule is subject to change.
Final schedule will be fixed by the end of Sept.
The suggestions for presentations are welcomed.

The forum record will be compiled and published as a report from

Official language is Japanese except the talks from abroad.

---- Mailing list ----

The dedicated mailing list for JPAL is arranged.
jpal@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp is ready for all kinds of questions.

----------------- end ---------------------