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genera on unix workstations

    Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1991 17:15 EDT
    From: little@SEI.CMU.EDU

    i heard a rumor the other day that symbolics is coming out with a version
    of genera that runs on unix workstations.  any truth to this?

They're working on things in that direction, but don't expect anything
major for several years.  In particular, they are targeting their work
towards the upcoming 64-bit processors, not the current generation of
32-bit processors.  In the meantime, I suspect we'll be seeing
individual applications ported to Unix or standard Common Lisp.  An
example of this was last year's announcement of a version of the
Document Examiner that runs on a Macintosh without Lisp.  I wouldn't be
surprised if this year they announced something along those lines that
runs on Unix using X.

The other thing along these lines that they've announced is their
partnership with Franz to develop Lisp products.