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Symbolics Germany prices

Date: Thu, 29 Aug 91 15:45+0100
From: Vincent Keunen <keunen@milou.nrb.be>
Subject: Symbolics Germany prices
Message-ID: <19910829144535.5.KEUNEN@milou.nrb.be>
          Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1991 16:32-0500
          From: iexist!lgm@att.att.com
          Rather than "drop completely," I might suggest that support for each
          subsystem be rated on a scale, ranging from "Vigorous Bug Fixing and
          Ongoing Enhancement" (this presumably applies to CLIM, since Symbolics
          has promised a CLIM 2.0) to "Unfinished and Unsupported" (apparently
          this applies to DNA).  Customers would then have a better idea what to
and what to pay maintenance for...
V. Keunen