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Re: Conversion of other document types to Concordia, or?

  >>> On Thu, 5 Sep 1991 13:05-0500, iexist!lgm@att.att.com said:
   lgm> Original-From: Lawrence G. Mayka <iexist!lgm>

   lgm> An interim measure might be the ability to preview such documents on the
   lgm> Symbolics.  If FrameMaker generates a PostScript file, can the latter be
   lgm> previewed on the Symbolics?  Is this roughly what the Display Postscript
   lgm> File command is supposed to do?

   lgm> 	Lawrence G. Mayka
   lgm> 	AT&T Bell Laboratories
   lgm> 	lgm@iexist.att.com

   lgm> Standard disclaimer.


* Framemaker can produce postscript files (in the pop-up menu of the
  print command specify you want a postscript file). Frame runs on
  unix boxes and on MacIntoshes so you can do that smoothly on a
  MacIvory or a UX machine. You might also ask the question on the
  framers mailing list: framers@DRD.Com & framers-request@DRD.Com

* Slug tape used to contain a (tremendously slow) version of the
  Tex/LaTeX family (tried it in the old days of 6.1 or 7.0 on a 3670).
  It did produce postscript for the LGP2.

* Any unix box will let you produce Postscript with TeX/LaTeX (using

* I do not know enough about *roff stuff but on the unix system I use
  there is a script called "ptroff" (Copyright (c) 1985 Adobe Systems
  Incorporated) to produce postscript from troff input.

Hope this helps,

Sincerely yours,

Pierre-Joseph GAILLY		E-Mail: pjg@sunbim.be